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What’s Brewing? Pune Diaries

by FoodDrifter

We love indulging in the finer parts of life during our travels. We are talking about the ones that have taste, aroma and a body to them. Nope!! Get your thoughts together now. We are talking about Beer here. Bangalore had been the place to be, when it came as a part of weekend getaway for some chilled non-bottled fresh brewed beer off from Hyderabad. But who knew I’d be stunned by Pune all the same. A weekend away to celebrate (a hush secret thingy) and the plans no doubt did involve a bit of a drinking nonetheless. So here we are back with the second post on this heavenly frothy drink after the Bangalore Diaries handcrafted in the best of outlets right in the Pune.

Handcrafted Dollaly Beer

Being huge beer aficionados ourselves, we couldn’t not let the ‘Tap’ be far from us. Let’s get to the small rants first. Beer tastes best fresh. Full Stop. There’s no argument to that. Go guzzle up a gallon at a brewery and sip from a bottled off your local liquor shop, and you’ll know the difference. You’ll want to go back to that tank of freshly brewed beer and think to yourself what I’ve been doing wrong my entire life. Very few beers get better with age, so the maturity with age and wisdom certainly doesn’t apply to beer.

Outdoor Seating At Corinthians

A beer revolution has been brewing in Pune for quite some time. We crib and wane at times that being in Hyderabad, all those cities with their pishposh breweries lie far away. But what we also love is they all are just an overnight journey away and this time it was headed straight for Pune.

The 1st Brew House

The Corinthians – The 1st Brewhouse : I’ll give them naming the place extra brownie points. When you are the 1st brewery to be set up, name yourselves the 1st brewhouse, so beer lovers like us know where beer history was initiated in the city of Pune. What’s with the Corinthians then? Well the hotel itself designed as Corinth, with it’s Greek architecture, distinct columns and statues, this is the perfect place to relax and sip away some of the best golden ambrosia.

At Corinthians

Set in the city outskirts, their best offering has to the Apple Cider Beer. The beer offerings here at Corinthians is Dollaly Beer. They also have Beer Cocktails on their menu which is a definite standout. We tried the Apple Gin Fizz (Apple Cider and Gin with Cinnnamon Syrup), Brewjito (IPA Beer and White Rum with lime and mint) and the Beeramisu (Kahlua, Beer and Vanilla Vodka). Considering that the Apple Cider Beer was the best of all the Dollaly Beers that we tasted here, the Apple Gin Fizz was outstanding. We were left licking the foam of our lips with each heavenly sip.

Beer Cocktails

TJ’s Brew Works : TJ’s at Amanora Mall has been attracting beer lovers by the hordes. If Corinthians set up the first brewery, then TJ’s wasn’t to be far in opening up Pune’s second microbrewery. Started by TJ Venkateshwaran who had years of experience in the brewing industry having worked with SABMiller.

TJ's BrewWorks

TJs is well spaced out, with both indoor and outdoor seating combining the mix of relaxed and casual seating. As you walk a little ahead, are the huge shining steel vats. They have four beers off the tap – Regular Lager, Premium Lager German Wheat and Roasted Barley though all of them being surprising light. We had ordered for samplers and found the Premium Lager suiting our tastes the best, but nothing like Dollaly. The beers did feel stale, with no fuzz and freshness in them.

At TJs

The food on the other hand had to be turning a disappointing experience. The Chicken Nuggets and Fries combo had more fries with 2-3 nuggets hidden in between the stash. This visit to TJs sure did turn out disappointing for us, but one friend did tell that this was just an off day. So a revisit to TJs as soon as we go back to Pune next time and hoping for the beer burrp (excuse me) to be better.

Beer Samplers At TJs

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